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Frequently Asked Questions

A great little money earner- if I do say so myself.

The mark up is phenomenal. It’s a business you don’t have to do too much to succeed in, and with the right platforms offering remarkable services for safe and easy transactions its an offer hard to refuse. Whats more this business eliminates the need to waste time putting undies in the washing machine. Think of all those new panties you will be wearing and then once dirty dispatched to your eager customers homes. Its up to you how you decide to send them.. in discounted bundles or on their own sealed to lock in the moisture.

So who buys these used panties?

Sniffing men from all over the world are keen candidates who crave that female scent. The arousing thrill men get from having a whiff of your filthy undies keeps your customer base strong. It’s a trade which probably won’t be dying out anytime soon- men who have openly spoke about their panty sniffing desires agree that all men enjoy that succulent female scent, although many are too prude to admit the full extent of it.

Is this legal?

This money making trade – i’m happy to say – is perfectly legal
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