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Successful panty sellers spend hours daily posting ads, promoting them on Twitter ...

Don’t get your panties in a knot.... while being a used panty seller can be extremely exciting and rewarding, IT IS NOT EASY MONEY!
Being a panty seller is a huge time commitment, so consider how much time you can devote to selling before you get started.

In the panty selling community we see a lot of ladies coming in with false expectations.

Here are some of the most common myths about panty selling:

Myth- I can make $500 in one day selling my used panties
Reality- The media posts about $500+ a day are just outlandish. Most sellers sell their panties for about $20-$30 (£15-£22) and add-ons for $10 (£7) each. Even if a customer purchased a pair of panties with every add-on I offer, 20 pictures, and shipping (which by the way is a totally unrealistic sale) the total would still only come to $100 (£75). On average my sales are somewhere around $55 (£41) each.

Myth- I’ll just post some pictures and watch the sales fly in.
Reality- There is so much that goes on behind the scenes with panty selling. Successful panty sellers spend hours each week posting ads, promoting on social media, talking with customers, and dealing with time wasters. Additionally, if you choose to sell through a verified site you will need to dedicate more time to keeping your membership active. This may include things like creating your profile, maintaining your ads, and weekly participation in forums. Again- NOT EASY MONEY!

Myth- Bring in the cash!
Reality- While you can receive cash as a form of payment it can be very time consuming and hassle-some. Receiving cash orders requires you to pay a monthly fee for a confidential PO Box and delays your sales process as you have to wait for the money to arrive before you can start wearing the panties. Most customers don’t want to deal with the wait and hassle which is why online payments are preferred. There are very few adult friendly payment sites- most sellers receive payments via Amazon gift cards (which is adult friendly) or from adult friendly sites that take a percentage of your sales. Getting Amazon gift cards isn’t an entirely bad thing as you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon nowadays, but if you are looking to get cash, panty selling may not be your best bet.

Myth- Sweet I’ll be able to pay my rent with my panty selling money!
Reality- There’s no way to determine how much you will be able to make on any given month. Sales go way up and way down depending on a handful of factors (i.e. time of year, what products you offer, price of panties, style of panties, etc.). Each sellers monthly sales will look entirely different. A super slow month for me might be someone else’s busiest month. In the last year my sales monthly sales have ranged from about $200-$1000. (See graph below for MY total monthly sales- again these are just my sales, they will vary from seller to seller). Again these numbers are an entire month, not one day! Since sales can vary so much, it’s not reasonable to assume you’ll be able to quit your day job and sustain yourself entirely from panty selling (not saying it’s impossible, but most sellers who are able to do that have been doing this for years and years, have a well established client-base, and offer services other than just panty selling). Many panty sellers use their panty selling income to buy things like groceries, household items, clothes, etc.

This can be an intimidating business to get into for sellers that have never done this before so it’s extremely important that you understand what to expect and what is expected of you when you begin selling your panties

  1. Add a selfie of yourself, from your phone, not professional as it needs to feel real. Obscure or leave out your face. Buyers need a connection to the panties they’re sniffing and wanking out to, seeing the girl that actually wore the panties help the sale.
  2. Mention it on the add and send your panties in zip-lock bags (you know those freezer bags), it retains the “freshness” of your undies, they love that.
    You can sell them literally just used; as in, the more wear, the more expensive it can get. i.e. “I wore these for 3 days”. That guarantees lots of ‘Vajayjay’ fluids and your unique smell.
  3. Obviously use an alias, never your real name, never give addresses or phone number, and never ever meet!
    Answer any questions professionally and to the point, (they are customers after all) if anyone asks something unrelated to the “business” then ignore it.(Wanna hook up? | Can we meet? | Are you really a girl? | Send me a pic of these with you wearing them, etc)
  4. You can sell anything online. Case in point, selling your used panties for cash. We’re looking at the weirdest facts about selling your used panties.

    It seems people buy just about anything these days. Food with ingredients they can’t pronounce, fake breasts, and, oh yeah… used panties!

    That’s right, used panties have a market, and it’s a lot less niche than you’d think. This mild form of sex work has been wildly popular on the internet message board Reddit. Other websites sell used panties, such as the aptly named PantyDeal.com and other such straightforward fetish websites.

    When it comes down to it, there are a lot of things people do with used panties that we wish we didn’t know about. But you know what they say, friends love to share! So, without further ado, here’s everything you didn’t want to know about selling used panties to strangers.

    Why people buy used panties

    Why do people buy used panties? Simple, to sniff and masturbate over. Some cases even report men buying the women’s undies to wear for themselves! The anonymity of the buyer/seller relationship also gives the fetish an ambiance of danger.

    There are no solid statistics of how many people have a used panty fetish, though there are certainly enough “official” websites selling used panties to let us know it’s a thing.

    Types of used panties

    #1 Skid marks. Need we go on? Some men pay top dollar for you to send them panties with poop smears on them. Enough said. [Read: The kink list: 20 freaky fetishes that aren’t weird at all]

    #2 Panties worn for a certain number of days. Another stipulation among used panty sniffers is to have panties that have developed an aroma, due to several days’ worth of wear.

    #3 Specific actions in said panties. Some buyers want to know the panties they’re getting are top quality and have experienced some adventure. Some examples include sleeping in panties overnight, exercising in the panties, and of course, having sex while in the panties. Some even request, err, semen stains be present on the garments.

    Used panty machines

    Used panties for sale is hardly a new phenomenon. Rumors spread for decades of Japanese vending machines selling used panties. The reality of this rumor, there are actually machines called gachapon machine. These are kind of like giant gumball machines by Western standards. Some gachapon machines purport selling used schoolgirl or office girl panties. The reality is more like panties manufactured to look used.

    How it works

    Women create a profile online, either via forum or licensed website, and give a ho-hum description of their lives. Often they show a gallery of the undies they have for sale, and include a promise of how long they will wear them, along with a risqué photo of them wearing the underwear in question. [Read: 7 extremely weird but surprisingly popular sex fetishes]

    What you should know about selling used panties

    Why work a full eight-hour shift flipping burgers when you could sell a single pair of smelly underwear for anywhere from $18-$100 per pair? Here is some further information you should know about if you’re seriously considering this madness.

    #1 Keep your identity private. If you want to avoid a new stalker in your life, or ruining your future career in basically any field, don’t use your real identity. Never show your face *or any identifying locations* in your photos. People are creepy, especially on the internet. Avoid being the subject of a new Dateline mystery episode.

    #3. You will get repeat clients. This can be a great thing or a bad thing. Repeat clients mean less whoring yourself out

    – Never show your face in photos.

    – Never meet your client in person.

    – Set up a faux-named PayPal account so your client can’t find your real name.

    – Never put a return address on your pantie-package

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